The Home of Kosher Soul
Congregation of Israel is honored to guide, celebrate, and support our members at every stage of their lives. Whether you are preparing for marriage, welcoming a new baby, a son or daughter’s bar or bat mitzvah, remembering the life of a loved one who has passed we will be able to assist you. The celebration and recognition of life cycle events enriches worship, allowing for individual expression, and strengthening the bonds of community. These universal yet unique events draw us closer together as a community of faith, and as a family.

Weekly Torah Study and Classes

Deepen your practice and learning through this path of serious exploration and study. With mentorship and guidance from our Elders, you’ll participate in a process that’s structured to support your curiosity and growth in relationship to Torah, covenant and application in your daily life.


The celebration of the beginning of a life together as husband and wife is an intimate, joyful, and ceremonious occasion. Our Elders individually counsel couples, preparing them for their life together and educate the couple on the value of creating a Hebrew home.

We also assist couples with ceremony arrangements and event planning. The couple will be able to; after counseling, express their personal wishes within the framework of a Hebrew wedding.

Baby Naming Ceremony

We celebrate the great blessing of a newborn with a ceremony that welcomes the baby into our Congregation. The covenant of Abraham found in Genesis and confers upon the baby a unique Hebrew name. For boys, this is typically done together with the ritual circumcision called Brit Milah. If you are planning a Brit Milah or “Bris,” we are happy to recommend a number of local mohels (doctors or other individuals who are trained in the procedure of circumci-sion).

For girls, or in cases where boys are circumcised without a religious ceremony, our clergy works with the family to design a naming ceremony, which can take place at the Congregation.

Weaning Ceremony

The celebration of an infant’s weaning goes back to the feast Abraham held for his son Isaac. Just as Abraham and Sarah rejoiced at the weaning of their son Isaac, our hearts too, are glad when a child has grown into full childhood, sustained in good health by God's gift of milk.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A bar/bat mitzvah is one of the most significant life-cycle events in our children’s life. It is the transition from childhood to adulthood. Our Congregation wishes to make this occasion as meaningful, spiritual, and memorable as possible for you and your child.

While bar/bat mitzvah is not found in the Bible it is one of the most significant cultural and historical life-cycle events in our children’s life.

This Hebrew rite of passage marks the entrance into adulthood and thus reasserts identity at a crucial point in our children’s lives. The accomplishments of each bar/bat mitzvah create a strong sense of cultural and spiritual identity.


Our Elders meet with Congregates on occasion for short-term counseling. We are also available to direct Congregants to appropriate long-term counseling settings.

Death, Burial, Mourning, and Unveiling

When death is imminent, families and friends need comfort, support, care, and guidance, which our congregational community can provide. With the passing of a loved one, many arrangements need to be made and our staff is here to assist you. Guidance and other services are available to help families organize their plans and prepare.

Our Elders are available to officiate at funeral services for members and their families and are also available to guide families through the traditional mourning rituals in the days that follow burial.

At the time of death, please notify the Congregation.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Families wishing to celebrate significant wedding anniversaries should contact our staff. This celebration can take place at our Congregation or a location of the couple's choice. The Congregation also celebrates the anniversaries of all congregants married in a particular month and those who have birthdays.

We encourage our members to call on the services of our Elders for all life cycle events.


Membership at the Congregation of Israel comes with an extended family to share life’s most important events. Hebrew ritual embraces us at key moments; moments of transition that mark both an ending and a new beginning: A couple’s marriage, a child’s birth, a son or a daughter’s bar or bat mitzvah. Celebration and recognition of life cycle events enriches worship, allow for individual expression of faith, and strengthen the bonds of community. These events draw us closer together as a community, as a family.

We encourage our members to call on our services for all life cycle events.